Carpet, Wood, Laminate… What to Choose_ An Explainer on Different Flooring Options

Carpet, Wood, Laminate… What to Choose? An Explainer on Different Flooring Options

Without a floor, you can’t make your home/ office/ living space. But with so many options available to you, what do you choose? You need floors that suit your style, personality, and the look of the space you are constructing. So, it is important you understand what your options are, and choose the flooring that will make your space look and feel good!

Here is an explainer of some different flooring options that are available to you!


If you are looking for a plush or comfort option, then the carpet is the way to go! They are soft on your feet, which makes them perfect for living or bedrooms. There’s a myriad of interesting colors, patterns, and designs available that you can pair with different lighting and furniture options to make a room feel more spacious, cozy, or dynamic! It is also a flexible option, and you can choose to cover an entire room, or just a part, or places them on staircases and in hallways.


Hardwood floors are a very sought-after flooring option. They have an exquisite look and can bring a feeling of warmth, coziness, and depth into any room. Hardwood is a great addition to a living room or a bedroom, to bring in a sense of grandeur. This type of flooring will also increase the value of your house, especially if you decide to sell at a later time. The only negative with hardwood flooring is that it is quite expensive. But, by choosing spaces to use it in, you can make it more affordable and a great investment for your home!

Tile and Stone

Tiles are one of the more economic flooring options available to you. Tile or stone flooring is easy to install, use, and maintain. They don’t spoil on contact with water, which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. There are hundreds of options to choose from to bring an aesthetic sensibility to your living space! Stone is a classic option, which brings a sense of elegance. This effortlessly attractive flooring can be installed anywhere, but suits living rooms the best.


If you are looking for highly durable flooring for a commercial space, then laminate is a great option! In homes, it is best used in dining, living, bedrooms, and home offices. Laminate has a realistic look and can accurately portray the appearance of ceramic, stone, or wood, at a fraction of the cost! 


Vinyl is becoming a popular choice. It is priced fairly, and can be installed anywhere, even over existing floors! You will find vinyl options that mimic tiles, stone, and wood to the point where they are almost indistinguishable. They are also sturdy for kids or pets to play on. However, you would want to avoid vinyl tile in bathroom spaces as it doesn’t do well with moisture.

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